Lewis R. from Nevada, USA

70 year old male with history of peripheral neuropathy with 1 session of stem cells who complained like he was walking on rocks and after therapy no longer complained of it: "I have been suffering from neuropathy since a knee replacement 5 years ago. The pins and needles I experienced increased until they felt like nails. I would say I was experiencing pain at an 8 on a scale of 10. A Google search for cures turned up nothing. Fortunately, I was put in touch with Dr. Carlos who offered stem cell therapy which he thought would have a good chance of relieving the pain. I am a skeptic, but I try to live an active lifestyle. I could see it slipping away. I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Carlos. I knew it was a gamble but felt the necessity to try something. I went to his clinic in Mexicali, was greeted professionally, and the entire procedure was performed competently. Unfortunately, I walked out with the same pain as I entered. I thought at least I tried. A week later it seemed to kick in, and my pain went from an 8 to a 2. I just completed a three-day Pickleball camp. Three 7 hr. clinics. Completed with no problem other than my lack of training due to staying off my feet. I am now getting into shape. I am doing things I had given up ever doing. Even getting a ski pass for next season. Feeling that confident. Any questions, I will happily respond. For me, it was miraculous. Anyone that suffers from this malady should consider this treatment. IT WORKED FOR ME!!!! "

Written by invigo