Stem Cell IV Therapy: An Alternative To Surgery

Surgery Alternative

When you are faced with an injury or condition that affects your quality of life, the most important question is “what can be done to fix it”. Doctors should explore your options in the order of lifestyle changes, physical therapy (if it applies), medicinal interventions, and lastly, surgery. But what if you don’t want surgery? Are there other options that don’t require hospital visits, are a fraction of the cost, and don’t require invasive measures?

The team of specialists at Cords of Revitalization offers a range of stem cell IV therapy services for an ever-growing list of conditions and diseases. Our team recognizes that surgery is not always the best option, and for some patients, it is not even an option. Stem cell IV therapy provides patients with a viable alternative to surgery, and in some cases a second chance if they are not eligible for surgery.

What is Stem Cell Therapy?

There is a range of stem cell variants, all derived from different sources and tissues, all offering different benefits and uses. Stem cell therapy at Cords of Revitalization is administered in one of three ways, Intravenouslly through your veins, Intrathecally through the spine, and intranasally through the nose. The injection method depends on the condition and location of damaged tissues.

The purpose of stem cell therapy is to infuse the body with unprogrammed cells that contain powerful anti-inflammatory properties to reduce swelling, immunomodulators to balance the immune response and encourage cellular proliferation. Once stem cells have been introduced to an injury site or damaged tissues, they can be used to help repair and replaced damaged or dying tissues, restoring function to the tissues.

Why Choose Stem Cell Therapy As A Surgery Alternative?


Surgical procedures can be incredibly invasive, requiring large incisions, internal trauma, stitches, and bruising among many others. 

Stem cell therapy is administered into the body via a needle injection, leaving you with no marks or scars, and is virtually painless. There is no need for surgery tables and hospital gowns, stem cell therapy can be administered completely comfortably and efficiently.

Avoid Risky Surgery

We aren’t trying to discredit surgery, it has incredibly important applications and has saved countless lives. But not everyone who receives surgery necessarily needs that surgery. There is an increasing number of patients whose conditions can be resolved by less intrusive methods, yet patients are presented with the option to undergo surgery. While surgery can fix problems, it isn’t without its own risks. Surgery may fix one problem and create another, it can fail altogether and also carries the potential for infections as you attempt to recover. The NIH highlights the recorded incidence of millions of surgical site wound infections each year.

Stem cell therapy injectables are sourced from highly reputable labs where contaminants are very strictly controlled and removed from stem cell samples. This ensures a safe and clean product for patients and reduces the risk of rejection. Many of the applications of stem cell therapy have been deemed effectively safe and there is virtually no risk of infection. As with all procedures, there are some risks involved but they are highly dependant on your existing condition and genetic history. 

Less Costly 

Surgery can be incredibly expensive, especially as the procedures become more advanced and the conditions more complex. If you’re not careful, these procedures can quite easily drain your life savings or be too expensive to even afford. Studies have collected data surrounding the costs of general, unspecialized surgeries with some average around $20,000 or more per hospital visit.

Stem cell therapy offers an alternative that is a fraction of the cost of some surgical options. You save money on hospital bills, not paying for teams of doctors, bedside care, and so on. Stem Cell IV therapy is effectively administered by Dr. Carlos and your progress is closely monitored. 

No Downtime/Time Off Work

One of the most challenging aspects of getting surgery is finding the right time to do it and figuring out how you can afford to be off work while you recover. It can be challenging to get permission from your employer to get weeks off of work, paid or unpaid, time that you desperately need in order to recover properly. 

Stem cell IV therapy requires no additional downtime or time off of work. You only need to care for your condition or injury as you would normally. The stem cells work to repair cells as you go about your normal life, helping to stimulate the body’s natural repair and regeneration processes.

Stem Cell IV Therapy Available in Mexicali, Mexico!

If you are facing a condition or disease that may require intervention and would like to explore non-surgical options, stem cell therapy could be the best solution for you! To learn more about our therapy options and if you are an ideal candidate for stem cell therapy, call our offices to speak with a representative from our team or schedule a consultation online today! Take the first step towards a healthier, longer life with stem cell IV therapy at Cords of Revitalization. 

Written by invigo