Epilepsy/Seizure Disorder  

What is a Seizure Disorder?

Seizure disorder is a broad term that’s often used in place of “epilepsy” to describe a neurological condition in which your brain’s normal electrical activity periodically misfires. This can cause jerking, twitching, and uncontrollable movements people often associate with seizures. Non-epileptic seizures (pseudoseizures) can mimic an epileptic seizure but don’t produce abnormal brain activity.

Epilepsy is an abnormal firing of certain receptors in the brain that leads to intense brain activity and reduced inhibition. Cases of epilepsy may be caused by brain damage associated with a stroke, growths, and tumors, traumatic brain injuries, or a brain infection.

Dr. Carlos at the Cords of Revitalization clinic specializes in administering stem cell IV therapy to help manage a range of neurological and physical conditions. Stem cell IV therapy serves as an alternative therapy to surgical procedures or for patients who have not found success with other conventional methods.


Because epilepsy is a neurological condition, the symptoms that you experience can involve any area of the body that is controlled by the brain. Seizure signs and symptoms may include:

  • Temporary confusion
  • Uncontrollable jerking movements or seizing of the arms and legs
  • Unconsciousness or loss of awareness
  • Psychological symptoms like heightened fear, anxiety, or deja vu

How is Epilepsy Diagnosed?

Epilepsy diagnosis always begins with a thorough physical health examination, a careful review of your medical history, as well as details about your current symptoms. Experts use what is known as an electroencephalogram (EEG) to record your brain’s electrical activity to determine whether or not you have epilepsy and, if so, what type.

Stem Cell IV Therapy for Epilepsy

What is important to understand about epilepsy and seizure disorders, is that they require some form of intervention to reduce or prevent future episodes. Unfortunately, as you continue to have seizures, they may cause additional damage each time, causing your symptoms to worsen and increasing the likelihood of seizures.

Stem Cell IV therapy introduces unprogrammed cells into the body that can be used to help rebuild and regenerate neuron and synaptic tissues in the brain. Stem cells are capable of differentiating into each of the three main tissue types, making them incredibly useful at regenerating isolated tissues and cells. By regenerating damaged cells in the brain, you can help reduce the frequency of seizures and increase your inhibitive response to overcome potential epileptic symptoms.

Stem Cell IV Therapy Available in Mexicali, Mexico

If you have questions about stem cell IV therapy and how it can help manage your condition, reach out to the specialists at Cords of Revitalization for more information! Call our offices to speak with a representative or schedule an appointment online today!


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