Autism Stem Cell Therapy

Autism is a very complex neurological and behavioral condition. Often characterized as an inability to recognize and understand social norms and communication, as well as extreme tendencies for pattern-based behavior. Another aspect of Autism Spectrum Disorder is the presence of inflammatory conditions and immune system dysfunction.

Embryonic stem cells contain powerful anti-inflammatory molecules known as cytokines that can help alleviate inflamed tissues. They have also been observed converting proinflammatory cells into anti-inflammatory counterparts after making contact, triggering a cascading positive effect. Stem cells have also been shown to modulate the immune system through factors released by internal chemical reactions as the stem cells integrate with the body. Some of the benefits you can expect to see may include the following:

Enhancements in social relationships and reciprocity

  • Improved eye contact,
  • Social smile, and
  • Initiating contact with others
  • More appropriate behavior at home and outside (less hyperactivity and aggression, fewer obsessions, repetitive behavior, or compulsive motor mannerisms; improved listening, especially to parental expectations, rules, and requests).

Cognitive aspects

  • Attention
  • Concentration
  • Time of response

Speech and language patterns

  • Improved verbal communication skills (if the child is non-verbal, he or she is very likely to start exploring sounds, syllables, and then pronounce words; increased vocabulary in verbal children).

Anxiety reduction

  • Little or no fear of loud noises, strangers, and bright colors (gradual improvement). Fear of unfamiliar people and places is often reduced or relieved

Number of Sessions: 1 or 4 consecutive days, better results are seen with 4 consecutive days. 5 consecutive days is recommended. 4 days can also be spread out in one year.

Autism Stem Cell Therapy in Mexicali, Mexico

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